Demo of the Xaviere XV-910

This cheap guitar (309$!! But don’t forget delivery and customs costs) sold by GFS (Guitarfetish) is a sort of a hybrid between a Gibson ES-335 (shape, body/neck junction, center block) and a Gibson ES-330 / Epiphone Casino (P90 chrome pick-ups and trapeze tailpiece)

Its sound is pretty convincing! However, it was poorly settled when I received it. I particularly had to dig into the nut grooves and settle two or three minor points. But the result is worth it!

Doc Loco


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  1. Superbe démonstration Doc Loco. Elle parait vraiment bien cette guitare, son seul problème à mes yeux et non pas mes oreilles, c’est son nom qui me rappelle la famille Tibéri.

  2. Une bien chouette palette sonore, la belle bleue !
    Elle est sacrément bien entourée aussi du coup !

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