Demo of the William’son Red Bee… And My Summer Surprise!

You might have noticed that I had a good feeling about Jean-Franzwha’s shop. He left me a William’son guitar. William’son is the brand that he created a few months ago and that he sells via his e-commerce website.

The William’son WRK Red Bee is clearly inspired by the wonderful Rickenbacker guitars. I decided to invite 2 friends to play this guitar and shoot a video. In the following video we deliberately chose to use affordable amplifiers comparable to the price of this Red Bee. The kind of amplifier that you’ll find at a beginner’s place or for those with a limited budget. The guitar is plugged straight in the amplifier, no effects between both.

Amplifiers used in the video:

  • Hugues & Kettner Edition Silver 40w
  • Fender X-15 (a small amplifier totally fuzzy and crunchy, very funny to play and quite efficient to record lo-fi fuzzy rhythm guitars).

This is not a shredding kind of demo… If only I could do that! The field of this guitar is clearly rhythm although we all know that you can do more with a guitar. The clean sound is bright ‘though a bit loaded with low frequencies. I think this bassy kind of sound could be due to the peculiar pickups wiring. Indeed, whatever the toggle switch position, the middle pickup is always selected. So the bridge position is actually bride/middle PUs, the neck position is middle/neck PUs and the central position is bridge/middle/neck PUs. The Wilkinson mini-humbuckers are very reactive i.e. the more you attack the strings the crunchier the tone gets. Toward the end of the video you can hear the guitar played on the lead channel of the Hugues & Kettner amplifier via which you can obtain a crunchy/distorted sound that is kind of bright… I really like that sound. Indeed, if you’re an extreme distortion user, I don’t think this guitar will suits you.


I didn’t wanted to only test this guitar and that’s it. Instead of this, I asked Jean-Franz’wha… “What if I organize a contest on MuZicoSphere and the William’son Red Bee would be the prize?

And he said… “Let’s go for it!!

So here is the good news: One of you will win this William’son Red Bee. I will post the rules and the requirements to enter the contest on July 6 (next Monday), and this will be the start of this summer giveaway on MuZicoSphere. What I can tell you now, is that you better get your camcorders and your amps ready… Because there will be videos involved in the requirements to enter the game and get a chance to win this guitar.  So you better warm up your fingers…


Rendez-vous on July 6 for the Summer Giveaway…

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