Demo of the Vox AC4 [Rory Gallagher Tribute Stratocaster & Trouble Booster]

In this video, I tried to set up a tone as close as possible to the tone of Rory Gallagher (more precisely the tone he used to have in the early 70s, raw and biting).

To achieve this, I used my tribute stratocaster (any strat with a rosewood fretboard should be OK) in the little Vox AC4 amp (actually, it was the topic of the test drive – Would this amp sound like a real Vox ie AC30 for example?) and the Trouble Booster made by Kleuck. The treble booster is as essential to get the tone of Rory than it is to the Brian May tone (Brian May used to say that he copied the treble booster/Vox AC30 combination from Rory Gallagher)

Doc Loco


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