Demo of the Tokai FB40

A bluesy demo of my new Tokai FB40. This made in china copy of the über rare Firebird I is a good surprise and don’t need any upgrade, just a good setup. The amp is my silverface Fender Princeton reverb. At first, I’ve played a rythm track with the tokai and amp, then I used a boost (Ballast Trouble Booster) to play the lead with the same settings. With the bass track, it was done in one hour. Btw, yesterday I went to see ZZTop, I bet you can hear it “a bit” here …

Doc Loco

Add-on by Sarssipius: Doc you’re the man thanx a lot for sharing with us… And you, dear reader, don’t forget that you can also participate to the MuZicosphere Project. If you have a video demo (or more) of your music gear and you want to share it… Just contact me and I’ll be pleased to publish it here.


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