Demo of the Squier Telecaster Classic Vibe (Part II)

The good surprise of this year. A nice quality and affordable Telecaster. The finish is good but the sound is even better. Each pickup configuration sounds great and needless to say that it sounds like a Telecaster should. However, it has a wider range of possibilities. Once you spent several hours imitating every single Tele-man you know (Richards, Summers, Country licks…), then you’ll try many other genres that are supposed unplayable on a Telecaster. And it sounds surprisingly great.

On this video, I just explored the clean tones of the guitar. I plugged it in a Marshall JMP-1 preamp, a Valvestate 8008 amp with two Marshall 2X12 Cabinet. The variations are created with the effects I used: a little bit of chorus (Line 6 MM-4) and a little bit of delay. All the rest is miss Tele business.

I let you judge by your ear.



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