Demo of the Reverend Ron Asheton & Blackheart Little Giant

This great guitar, made by Reverend, is the signature model of Ron Asheton (rip) of the Stooges. One of the most excitings riffers of rock history!
The korina body is equiped with three P90 pick-ups. The guitar is well equilibrated, light and the neck is thick (not too much though) but easy to play.
Like on most Reverend guitars, this one has the Bass Contour control allowing to substract bass which tends to make the P90 to sound more like Fender single coils. You can hear this at the end of the video.
I used a Blackheart Little Giant amplifier that had a Rat Electronics mod: extra master volume and power break (anyway they are both up to the max in this video) and improved tone stack and outputs. The cabinet is a Marshall 1966 (2×12″) equiped with Celestion Heritage Greenbacks.
I used a Vow Wah pedal at the beginning and Fuzz Maestro of the early 70s. The end is played without effects.

Doc Loco


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  1. très belle sonorité, vraiment extra! l’environnement ampli ne rigole pas, cela dit…

  2. Salut Doc,
    Je ne suis pas guitariste mais batteur et fan absolu de Ron Asheton et des Stooges! Ton jeu avec Wah/Fuzz me plait, mais connais-tu les effets qu’utilise réellement Ron? Nous reprenons “Dirt” avec mon groupe, le guitariste possède une Stratocaster Fender et un petit ampli à lampes Fender ainsi qu’une wha wha et une disto, mais impossible d’approcher LE SON du maître!!! As-tu une idée?
    En tout cas, bravo pour ton jeu.

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