Loïc Le Pape LS-339 RD

I was expecting this Loïc Le speech on pollution in english Pape guitar and I don’t regret my choice!

The look is absolutely fantastic.

It has an intense, full and warm vintage tone.  This guitar is a tribute to my grand father who recently died. He used to be a professional photographer for a newspaper and he was an artist.I asked Loïc Le Pape to engrave my grand-father’s portrait, his favorite camera and a streetlight that reminds me of a photo that he took years ago.

The shape is the exact copy of a Gibson 339 shape. The burst finish reminds me of the old photo papers. A sum of little details that makes it a real piece of art.

Since I received it, I didn’t stop playing it because it is beautiful and it sounds great. The neck pickup is a killer for the blues: it has a warm and precise clean tone. The bridge pickup is biting and edgy: it is huge even on crunchy tones. I like it a lot.

How do the metal body influence the tone? Honestly, when you play it you wouldn’t say it’s a metal body. I reckon that unplugged, the metallic tone is obvious. Once plugged the only remarkable thing is the sound is huge.
Anyway, I had a great experience with Loïc Le Pape who’s been very nice and sincere. He is an artist and I had a lot of pleasure dealing with him. The result worthed the wait and I thank him for this respectful tribute to my grand-father.


Sarssipius Edit: This video is not included in the guitar giveaway that’s why I didn’t include de votes plugin. To watch the giveaway video of Woodoocry just follow the link : Fender Stratocaster Deluxe Switch S-1


Sarssipius: I know I don’t use to put pictures of the guitars that the guys show us here (and maybe I should do it more often), but  the story of this guitar deserves some pictures to admire the work of Loïc Le Pape. You can click to enlarge the pictures.

woodoo02 woodoo03 woodoo04

woodoo05 woodoo06 woodoo01


  • Mahogany neck – Rosewood fretboard (U.S. Origin).
  • Polyurethane varnish.
  • Kluson Deluxe tuners.
  • SP custom The Origin pickups.
  • Gotoh tailpiece (aluminium)
  • Kluson bm 003 sung il bridge (aluminium)
  • Swichtkraft jack
  • CTS potentiometers
  • Vintage wires
  • Gotoh straps
  • 3.6 kilos (double checked it)

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  1. Tout simplement magnifique!

  2. superbe, tant par l’esthétique que par le son en crunch voire franchement saturé.
    un petit essai sur du clean, juste pour voir? 😀

  3. Yep, pour le son clean, je voulais faire quelque chose, mais pas encore eu le temps, la semaine prochaine normalement, je vous tiendrais au jus 🙂

    merci pour les commentaires 🙂 !

  4. c’est une terreur cette guitare…

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