Demo of the Lag Roxanne Floyd (Bagpiped Guitar)

I’ve tested my Lag Roxanne Floyd, or should I say that I’ve tested the possibility to make it sound as a bagpipe.  I’ve bought this Lag 10 years ago, and last summer I wanted to make it sound as a bagpipe. I knew that I could make it so I searched, and you can hear the result in the video.
I’ve used a clean sound on Marshall JMP-1pre-amp, amplified by a Valvestate 8008 through two Marshall 2X12 cabinets.

The effects are:

  • Octavia simulation of the Line6 DM-4
  • Phaser of the Line6 MM-4 (not necessary though)
  • Reverse shifter of the Sony V77 multi-effect
  • A preset of the Sony V55 (vibrato + delay) to generate the beackground texture
  • Two Boss volume pedals, first one assigned to guitar, and the other one to the V55 alone, to be able to shape the sound, cut the guitar sound and let the background texture resonate.

This may seem hard to obtain, and maybe this really is, but the main element to sound like this consists in playing the right way on the guitar. To emulate the lovely characterisitc tone of a bagpipe – i.e. this tone that oscillates between irritating and hypnotical – I played legato while pulling and pushing the tremolo arm. It would be easier to do with a Floyd tremolo. Main purpose: erase the attacks on the strings!

This is why I love this Lag. At first sight, it looks raw and made for the traditionalist kind of guitarists (though it has a Floyd) but you can reach the most abstract forms of expression if you want it.
Hope you will enjoy.



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  1. Insane noise you created there!
    I have the LAG Roxane too and I have to agree that it is a really nice and very versatile guitar.
    So many people have asked about it, probably more than if I was playing a Les Paul or Fender, its just that appealing.

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