Demo of the Gibson Les Paul Studio 2008.

Right after I tried it for the first time, I had to sell another guitar to buy this left-handed Gibson Les Paul Studio 2008 Red Wine Chrome.

First, the finish is correct, no binding and stuff, but buy cialis 20mg you know that before you buy it, so I have nothing more to say. It’s clean and neat. The neck is a 50s type profile, quite large but it’s a pleasure to feel it in your hand. This guitar is not made for shredding but honestly I’m not the shred kind of guy, I’m barely able to play blues. Blues is the favorite playfield of this guitar, particularly when you play the neck pickup position, it’s heavy as a Les Paul should be, but it’s well defined too.

The neck pickup tends to wake up my fifth floor old lady neighbor, but even her loves this tone. She raises her fist in the air and sings ” And I’m baaad, I’m a nationwiiiiide” !!

Anyway, this guitar worth the money I put in it, it sure do!



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