Demo of the Fender Stratocaster Deluxe Switch S-1

This stratocaster has the S-1 switch in the volume knob (push push switch).

To briefly describe this guitar, I would say that the finish is great.

The guitar is light and the neck is easy to handle and has Abalone dot inlays. The tremolo is a 2 point with pop in arm. Its locking tuning machines are pretty efficient. Basically it’s just a stratocaster but a nice one.

The S-1 switch is quite interesting but it’s not essential…

I know I will use up to two positions when the S-1 switch is set down because on the other positions the tone is sort of shutted out… However, I reckon the differences are pretty obvious between the up and down positions of the S-1.




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  1. z’ai un ch’tit probleme : la vidéo ne se lance pô.
    dois-je pleurer maintenant ou attendre encore un peu ?

  2. A priori ici tout est ok… Elle se lance sans problème…

  3. Excellent, tu nous fait visiter toute la panoplie des sonorités d’une Stratocaster, du son rock au funky en passant par le bluesy.

  4. Disons que ça rend la Strat encore un peu plus polyvalente… pour musicien de bal ou de studio, ou celui qui ne voudrait avoir qu’un instrument.

    Après les goûts de chacun font que souvent on utilise qu’un à deux son par instrument.

    Pour plus transparence dans le test, il aurait peut être mieux value éviter le chaud-russe.

  5. ButtScratcher

    This guitar is going to develop a fault on the S1.

    i have had mine repaired “twice” by Fender and sure enough the S1 switch packs up.
    you could never gig this live with confidence.

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