Demo of the Dean FBD Dime Tribute ML

This guitar was made in Korea, it’s the Pantera’s Dimebag Darrell tribute model. The neck and body are made of mahogany with a maple top. The bridge pickup is a Dimebucker ie Seymour SH13, and the neck pickup is a Zebra Dean (very close to the SD19).

The neck is a C profile and reasonably thick (ie right between a Gibson 50′ and a Gibson 60′ neck).

The clean sound is clear and precise, but this guitar is made for heavy distorted sounds thanks to the SH13 that behaves well on this field. The guitar is huge and heavy, but very pleasant to plan. The neck is easy to handle and the floyd holds tuning well.

Good quality but you have got to love the general look of it to fully appreciate it.



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