Demo of the Danelectro 63

Because of Sarssipius and the giveaway at muzicosphere (Note from Sarssipius: Sorry? hehe), I wanted to get some gear particularly to be allowed to play at jam sessions where there is no room for acoustic guitar. So I bought this Danelectro 63 (190 €) which is a re-issue of the old Silvertone that was sold with the “amp in a case” system.

Just as the original model, this is a cheap (really cheap) guitar… And this is its main strength! Indeed, it is a bit rough for fingerstyle playing because the neck is wide, and almost flat, and the strings are high. So, this guitar is perfect for bottleneck playing.  I played it through a crappy 15W solid-state amplifier… I can’t wait to play it on bigger amps in the jam sessions.

It is really funny to play and you can play it roughly, widely moving the hand up and down. It is very reactive and you get all the twangy sounds you want. If you want to play in the setyle of Muddy Waters (trio formula) or John Lee Hooker or Keith Richard, well this guitar is made for you.

Just keep in mind that this is a cheap guitar:

  • The pseudo binding is just a plastic tape that is already going away.
  • The lipstick pickups (sounds very good by the way) are covered by plastic lipstick covers.
  • The nut is made of aluminium (I guess this is rather good for slide, and maybe it has an influence on the tone of this guitar)
  • The neck is rather flat and wide but it is very good to play slide.

To me this guitar has a real character. Its imperfections are qualities when it comes to slide guitar. I like it a lot, and it is much better than I expected.


The Danelectro 63 played slide in Open G tuning.


The Danelectro 63 played slide in Open D tuning.



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  1. Il n’y a pas que moi à apprécier cette guitare pour la slide : même Derek Truck lui fait ses faveurs 😉

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