Demo of the Clearwater Lap Steel

It’s been a long time since I shot my last video, and as I didn’t acquire any new gear since the last forced sale, well I decided to shoot a new video of my Clearwater lap steel. Since I afforded this lap steel on an bay shop, I had some time to learn how to use it even though I’m far from mastering the subtle art of lap sliding. I also had some time to learn how to control the wild P-90 like pick-ups. Among the entry lap steel models it is definitely the most elegant one.

The neck PU provides a deep and heavy sound that is nice and usable whether you’re using a clean or distorted tone. The bridge PU is kind of harsh and incisive. I was planning to upgrade it, however I never did because actually I kind of got used to it. It a bit screamy and dry when played on the clean channel but it reacts better on distorted sounds.

On this video I plugged the lap steel straight in the Hugues & Kettner Silver Edition (40 watts transistor). The set up suits well to my guitar and is relatively good for the lap steel though it could be improved for the lap steel. Clean Channel, volume 80% (sorry neighbors) and master around 15%. This set up is interesting because it gives a nice restitution of the attacks on the strings.


Notice that:

  • On this video, on of the 2 microphones used to capture the sound was a bit far from the amp, so to compensate I had to raise the entry level on the table which increased the background noise that you can hear. To avoid this, you have to carefully place the microphones, I’ll talk about this later with a video that is scheduled next week (already shot and edited) but shhhhhhht that’s a surprise.
  • At some points on the video, some notes are missing… This is not a sound capture artifact but that’s just me who still misses some strings skipping.
  • No my jeans are not low waist…
  • Yes the chair I’m sitting on is probably older than me….
  • No my T-shirt is not for sale… Neither is the lap steel…

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