Demo of the Blackstar HT Dual

Former Marshall employees created the Blackstar HT Dual. I use to add two additional channels to my Fender clean sound. The ISF (Infinite Shape Feature) allows me to switch between a British or US tone according to assignment help the viagra professional mood I’m in.

It has a 12AX7 tube powered just like a tube amplifier ie high voltage current. The unit is heavy and is particularly quality built. The HT Dual tone is excellent though I know I’m not impartial as it became a major element in my sound.

However, I tried it on a Vox AC15CC1 and it was disappointing. The treble boosted sound of the Vox combined with the Blackstar didn’t provide a nice tone. It should be better on an AC30, I think…

I’m not afraid to say that since I use the Blackstar on my Fender amp, I tend to have a Marshall-like sound that I love.

Anyway, if you like crunchy, heavy and warm tones, you have to test this pedal! To me it’s a must have!!



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