Demo of the Blackstar HT-5 Head

A 5W tube amplifier to use at home or the studio

5 steps demo (classic rock, metal, UK blues, US blues, garage) of the little Blackstar HT-5 tube amplifier. This 5W amp has two channels, clean and overdrive (with a broad spectrum of saturation) and an exclusive feature the ISF circuit, that allows to adjust the tone from UK to US tones and any where in between. This amplifier is amazingly versatile. Moreover, it comes with important extra features such as: an effect loop switchable between two levels (to use with pedals or rack) and a line out with a cabinet simulation. This means that you can use it to play through headphones or to plug it into your soundcard to record!

And last but not the least… It sounds great! But I’m gonna let you judge by yourself

Doc Loco


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