Demo of the “Ballast” Treble Booster (made by Kleuck)

Here’s one of the best treble boosters I’ve used – well, THE best I’d say. The “Trouble” control allows you to modify the bass amount (lower setting: full bass like a clean booster, higher setting: lesser and tighter bass like a classic treble booster). “Volume” controls the boost factor.

Here, I use it with a Squier classic Vibe Telecaster (no mods – this guitar is great as it is!) and a Blackstar HT-5 head with 2×12″ Celestion heritage G12M speakers. For recording, I used a Shure SM57 and a T-bone RB500.

Of course, the tones are not exactly Gallagher, Gibbons or May – a Tele keeps sounding like a Tele! – but it’s close enough to show the amazing amount of different great tones this pedal has on offer

Doc Loco


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