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I’ve spent the first week-end of the spring to feed my GAS affliction that is quite sleepy these last months… Yes, just like a bear in his cave hibernating until the next enjoyable season!! Well, I’ve spent Saturday afternoon in the green and sunny countryside near Paris, where I’ve met a bunch of guitar geeks… Nice people, brew and cool gear to test… What in the world could make you happier? When convinced users want to share in real life, the result is this Customware of the Custom 77 addicts, and it is worth seeing…

Custom 77?

For the non-french reader, Custom 77 is a brand created 2 years ago by 2 french guitarists who sell guitars, basses and drums gear via their website only.

Their niche… Affordable instruments inspired by vintage guitars but not simple copies of these legendary instruments.

Their force… They gathered a growing community of users around their brand… Considering the competition on this mass market, that was a challenge particularly for a brand that is only sold via internet…

A Customware, what is this?

The Customware is a social gathering initiated by Custom 77 users who make their guitars available to guitarists who fancy the brand, but are hesitating to purchase via internet without seeing, touching and testing the instrument!! Being a bit curious about the Custom 77 guitars, I went to this guitar geeks gathering to check all this nice axes…

12.30… The sun is shining and I’m hitting the sidewalk of the 18th Paris district toward Leuzozo’s home… Not only he is bringing 6 of his Custom 77 but he offered me a seat in his car… Nice! While we are waiting for Rémi to come so we can move to the customware, Leuzozo allowed me to test some of his guitars!! And believe me, he does have an impressive collection… So, I had to say yes… I ran the bottleneck on 2 of his Custom 77 London Burning models, I twanged the hell out of the Locket Love (Telecaster like from Custom 77) and as a finale, I played two of his Gibson guitars: A 1972 SG special and a Les Paul Classic Custom… Damn, I think the last neighbor who was oversleeping is now awake as Rémi knocked at the door! Just before we moved, he also made some nice noises with the SG special… It’s 13.30 and we can now move on to Courtry, a nice town in the countryside…

14.30…We are right on time to have a coffee… Gosh… I appreciate such a moment! The garage is full of gear… I think that all the models made by Custom 77 are here! There even is one Variax… Yes they love Custom 77 but hey… This is not a cult… They also have a whole lotta love for other guitars!! The first notes are now filling the air… Let’s test!!!


15.00Internal Warning Message **** Sarssi, next time you take the camera… Just make sure you recharged the battery**** duh!!!

16.00… The rehearsal room of Perl, our inviting host, starts to be hot as hell… Rock’n’Roll… As for me, I am chatting, dreaming, sunbathing and also testing guitars… Not so many but quite a few yet!!

Top 3 guitars of this afternoon:

  • customware3_33Lust For Life: the most original model from Custom 77… In a way this guitar seems to be a hybrid inspired by several models which make it kind of unique… It is equipped with a pair of P77 (P90-like) that need no efforts from me to make ’em scream… It is also equipped with a Bigsby tremolo that is surprisingly well supporting to be tortured. The guitar is comfortable and light and has a lot of character… I hope that it announces more original models to come because as a first shot from Custom 77, it is a pretty good one…
  • ny_relic_4London Burning Neil Young: I spotted this one several months ago… This is the limited edition relic model. The result is awesome because it is realistic… Once plugged, the guitar is just waiting for some Loner raging riffs…. Noisy as hell!! It is just perfect to rock on… Once again, I have been quite surprised by the Bigsby tremolo and how it holds tuning pretty well… I really thought these were just crap!! Friggin’ clichés!! Usually, I am not such a big fan of relic finishes but this one is perfect in its purposely made imperfection… It just looks like you’re holding a very old lady that played in all the venues of the world…
  • c77cgrpwhitekd5China Girl Raw Power : Here is a simple and raw guitar… Shaped as an SG, one bridge P77 pick-up and that’s it!! No ballads, no cute arpeggios… Forget about it… This guitar is a Rock & Roll axe just waiting for you to physically engage!! My advice to play a China Girl Raw Power: Don’t hesitate to be rough when you play your power chords… It will vibrate from the bottom to the top, that’s what it is made for!!

18.30… The noise is starting to slowly decrease while the sun is going to say hello to our American friends… We started to load the car to go back home… Let’s just say bye and see ya soon!!

Anyway, it was a nice Saturday afternoon that renewed my guitars wish-list… Well, I also spent my entire Sunday attached to the radiator pipe in order to keep me far from the computer and the Custom 77 website… But this is another story you don’t want to hear!!

Thanks to the Custom 77 users for making their guitars available… Thanks to Perl for hosting the Customware… Thanks to Leuzozo for the guitars he made me try and for the ride… Thanks to Rémi and Gab for the pictures and videos of this article…


About Sem

I am the founder of Muzicosphere (that also exists in a French version). In 2011, I also created Guitar Fail, the Guitar LOL place to be. And before that I created GAS a GoGo, a gear giveaways blog in French.


  1. Très bon report …
    Excelente ambiance parmis ce petit groupe de purs passionnés.
    Les guitares sont vraiments magnifiques et je sais de quoi je parle puisque … j’y était !

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