Gperc Crowdfunding Campaign : the Missing Link Between Guitar & Percussion Needs Your Help !

Gperc-Tom-Launhardt-TC61-06Back in February, I’ve posted about a crazy new instrument : Gperc is a percussion for electric guitars (Check Brice Delage Demoing the Gperc). Since then, I’ve met Frederic Riedel, the inventor of Gperc, and we discussed about his invention.

Being able to play guitar, and percussion at the same time ? I thought Frederic’s invention was innovative, and crazy enough to deserve a crowdfunding campaign ! I wanted to help him to move from the prototype stage to production.

So, I helped him to put together this campaign. Now we need your help to spread the word about the guitar percussion Gperc crowdfunding campaign on Ulule.

Share it, like it, contribute… We need your awesomeness at its full potential ! There is only one destination – – and if you want to follow the news about the project you should check the frequent updates here. You can also follow Gperc on Twitter or you can like like Cperc on Facebook.

Ulule is the first European crowdfunding site. It is very similar to Kickstarter, and it works pretty much the same way. Yesterday, the campaign went over the 10% committed to the Gperc project. By July 2nd 2013, if the goal is not achieved, each contributor will be repaid by Ulule. If the goal is achieved, then the Gperc will come to life to conquer the world !  Every contribution is important to build this project, even the smallest one !

Still not convinced that Gperc could open up many musical horizons ? Check the video below shot by :


And you can also check this other video shot by our friends à The Guitar Channel showing Frederic Riedel, and Brice Delage demoing the Gperc in different music genres i.e. Funk, and Rock (Frederic is singing in faux-English i.e. he’s just singing melodic lines with no meaning, native speakers will forgive him)


More pictures of the Gperc on a Tom Launhardt TC61 guitare, and the Gperc units as they will look like if the campaign succeeds ! Gperc-Tom-Launhardt-TC61-02Gperc-Tom-Launhardt-TC61-07 Gperc-front Gperc-back

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