Cool Design: Bell Custom Guitars – Wood, Acrylic & Light

As time goes by, and even if I still like wooden body guitars, I really appreciate a little bit of fantasy when it comes to the materials used to make guitars.  Bell Custom Guitars works around such a concept but they use a fusion of acrylic and wood (swamp ash) to create their beautifully designed guitars.

Beyond tone aspects on which I wouldn’t be able to speak though they emphasize it, I think that such a fusion of materials offers a real aesthetic improvement. It is more sophisticated than “plain” acrylic body guitars you may see out there as wirings and routings  are hidden.  Cherry on top the LEDs in the acrylic part of the body create a rather nice  colorful effect that you can change via a switch. I find it kinda cool to be able to change the genral color  according to the mood… Ok! I admit this is a gadget! I like gadgets!



Here is a Bell Custom Guitars video presenting the Jazzblaster obviously inspired by the Fender Jazzmaster (at least concerning the general body shape). It is beautiful, and I like how it sounds.


For more information: Bell Custom Guitars

Spotted on Premier Guitar posting about the introduction of the Toneblaster (Telecaster shape)

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