Line 6 Pod HD500 Giveaway- The Winner!!

You’ve send 234 photos for the Line 6 Pod HD500 giveaway that ended last weekend… Running through all the pictures to find the winner was not as easy as I thought it would be!

The main criteria to enter this giveaway were:

  • The picture had to be about guitar(s), amp(s) or effect(s).
  • The picture could have been about sharing your music universe.
  • The picture had to tell a story.
  • I didn’t care that much about the value of your gear or the high quality of the pics,…

Many of you actually managed to tell a story with one picture! If I could I would grant you all with a prize but I’m not that kind of wizard who could get you tons of prizes. So I had to choose one winning entry! Without further ado, here is the picture, and the name of the lucky one who will soon own the Pod HD500 made available by Line 6 for this giveaway. I want to thank Line 6 again for that.

Congratulations to Tony Leyland – Your image literally made me laugh out loud! It had everything: the gear, the guitarist, humor, creativity, and a story! Sometimes, gear rules us!! That’s probably what leads us to suffer from G.A.S. !! If my stand would come to life to do the same as yours… I’d run away so fast that everyone would think that I wasn’t existing for real! Or maybe I’d just scream: It’s aliiiiiiive!

There were several pictures in my shortlist of finalists… Here are the runners up.

In order of appearance in the slideshow:

  • It’s Aliiive! It’s Aliiiiive!
  • The Circle of Trust
  • Now that’s a set to worship!
  • The Amp Sniper
  • I swear I’m gonna achieve this relicing!
  • Sound Chain Interrupted
  • Now that’s easy to feel like a rockstar with a Les Paul
  • Guitarrus Ubiquitous
  • Die You Kyle Zombie Gass
  • They say that’s a side effect of the Triple Rectifier!
  • I’m sure that guitar gently weeps…
  • Get a Jem… See the Light!
  • Could it dam that river?
  • Kitty Metal
  • The non-pedalboard


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  1. Forbidden_One

    That’s lame,there were better photos in the contest… That’s pure paint work…

  2. @Forbidden_One: And why should it be lame that it has paint work in it?

  3. the first image which is the mark of the black guitar??

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