How to be Better Organised on the Fretboard by Christophe Godin

This video is not recent but the lesson is very interesting… French guitarist half-virtuoso, half-cartoon Christophe Godin gives us some tips, and a very pertinent vision that a lot of guitarists should have in mind. You can learn every chords shapes, and every notes on the fretboard but if you don’t provide a melody then you have nothing!

[EDIT: Copyright extremists striked again, and killed this youtube account so this video is not online anymore. As I don’t think that this video was the reason, I’ll put back a link if I find it anywhere else]


I try to prove myself for years now that I can try to provide a melodic vision without knowing every chords shapes nor knowing every single note on my fretboard… I don’t know if I’m right to prove this to myself! But Godin’s words makes me think that I’m not totally wrong avoiding to dive too deep in music theory! Not that I’m afraid of it nor that I don’t want to understand how it works but I don’t want it to mix with spontaneity.

Notice that Christophe Godin’s actuality is quite busy lately, and you can follow it on

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