Chi-Wah-Wah : The Wah With a Pedigree?

Several months ago I wondered who the hell was behind some of the most hideous names for guitars, amps and effects!  You know what I’m talking about, right? You know these weird code names such as Ibanson XRZ-9312-BLCK et autres Fendanez 1&KEN. Seriously, this dude deserves to be slapped behind his ears for such abomination as the these names! As if I didn’t already have a shitload of codes to remember!

And last week-end I’ve seen this wah wah pedal showing up on my radar… The guys at Plutoneium are up for a double win with their Chi-wah-wah pedal!!

  • The brand’s name Plutoneium: this is an excellent wordplay…
  • The model’s name Chi-Wah-Wah: supposedly the world’s most compact wah… It deserves the analogy with the chihuahua!!

I wonder if the pedal is comfortable but I do like the idea of a compact wah wah pedal! I found a couple of videos showing the beast in action, and it seems to be good, isn’t it?


Now I would try one because I love the wah wah effect (probably my favorite effect!). But I also like people with humor, and I think I would really enjoy the pleasure of walking over a chihuahua!! Don’t worry… I’m not an animals hater! This would be a symbolic act to wash the humiliation I had more than 30 years ago when a dog  from this chihuahua brand* dragged me down to the ground** to steal the fresh pastry that my mom bought me!

This is not the first effect with a funny, and quirky name… Same goes for amps, and guitars! If some of these humorous brands and/or models names  come back to your mind, don’t hesitate to share them in the comments below! That might even lead us to some good pieces of gear!

In the meantime if you want to know more about the Chi-wah-wah pedal:

* I know I know… Usually dogs are referred to as breeds not brands but who cares… They can’t read anyway!

** True story… I know this sounds unbelievable considering the strong dude I am nowadays but back when I was 3 a chihuahua really attacked me, and dragged me down to the ground!! Though I guess he probably didn’t have to put much efforts because I probably lied down from fear!!

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