Charly & Sa Drôle de Dame: Charly Got the Blues?

Charly et Sa Drôle de Dame

Highlight on a French DIY artist because I really like his music: Charly & Sa Drôle de Dame got his name from the French dubbed version of Charlie’s Angels, and the Angel here is his old Parlor guitar from 1890. You can see bits of what this guitar can do on this short video with the Jetslide that he bought after he first heard about it in one of my blog posts (article)!

Charly et sa Drôle de Dame music is all about percussive acoustic guitar on this very old parlor guitar, it’s all about mixing a multiple influences background into very nice songs… If you like Keziah Jones, Charly’s music will sound very familiar to you… If you like blues then you’ll be able to hear that Charly knows about the 12 bars… And hopefully his next recording session will include some slide!!

Here are a couple of songs from his latest record that you can hear on sound cloud. If you fancy read some French, go check his blog: Charly & Sa Drôle De Dame, because this is the place where he tells his story in a very unique, and funny way!

L’écorce by CharlyEtSaDroleDeDame

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