Capo Sonic : The Next Generation Capo ?

Here is an interesting project by Ben Ryan who is launching a kickstarter campaign to fund the next generation capo for guitar :  Capo Sonic.

You probably are familiar with capos that are used to shorten the playable length of the guitar strings. You may even know the partial capos such as the Spider Capo that open the possibility of alternate tunings.

Well, the Capo Sonic pushes the concept a little bit further. While partial capos are designed to leave one or more strings uncapoed, the Capo Sonic is designed to clamp a chord on the neck of the guitar. This open a whole new range of possibilities…

Hello alternate tunings world…

Ben Ryan has developped the prototype, and he is looking to launch a first production run. Hence the kickstarter campaign. Check the video below for further explanations, and check for more information on the project.


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  1. Does it have a patent?

  2. I guess it has a patent… At least pending !?

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