You Can See When the Music is Good… Or Not ! A Black Veil Brides Lesson…

So, now we listen to the music with our ears, and our eyes, that’s it? At least, that’s what I thought when I watched the latest video posted by Guitar World on Youtube… This is probably a lesson that will end up as one of the most impopular guitar lessons made by Guitar World! Just see it by yourself, as I am writing this note : 2432 views – 321 thumbs down versus 193 thumbs up! (Edit: Now that the post is published i.e. a few hours later :  7688 views – 406 thumbs down – 250 thumbs up)

I’ve heard about Black Veil Brides not so long ago via my other blog G.A.S. a GoGo, and I didn’t spend much time listening because this is really not my kind of music. Yet, I wouldn’t have thought that the rimmel of these tatooed guys would trigger that much of a passionnate hate! Even worst, who would think that now, people hear music with their eyes?

Let’s be honest a minute :

  • The guitarists : Far from bad… Actually good for that genre of music. !Ils sont loin d’être des manchots dans le genre.
  • The music : Not that different from what we can hear in this style, and certainly not worst.

Nope… Visually speaking, they are not that different from the whole ’80s Glam thing, right? They are affiliated to Kiss, and all that stuff ! Musically speaking, this remains Metal music, right? Ok, maybe a very specific sub-genre of Metal…

So, I don’t see another explanation… Everything probably started with MTV, and the Youtube just made it worst. Now, the majority hear music with their eyes!

I let you judge the lesson in the video below, and I’m gonne put my ear plugs because there is definitely to much light in here…



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