C.F. Martin & Co. : DNA Tags to Fight Counterfeit Guitars.

This technology is being used for years now, and the idea is quite old but C.F. Martin & Co is the first brand in the guitar industry to use DNA tagging for their guitars. The goal is to allow the authentification of real Martin guitars against counterfeit guitars (mostly built in China). But there is a snag here, right?

To use that technology, C.F. Martin & Co employed Applied DNA Sciences, a company that uses plants DNA to create their unique DNA tags. Applied DNA Sciences already use that technology with the U.S. Department of Defense to implant DNA tags on microchip components that go into weapons systems for authentification purposes.

The DNA tag is unique, and theoretically impossible to copy (as long as it stays confidential). It can be implanted on the guitar either in the varnish or the ink used to draw the logo of the brand.

For Martin, it is certainly an asset in order to protect their brand image, and the reputation of their guitars in terms of quality. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if some custom shops of famous brands in the industry were heading toward such a solution in the future.

But there is the snag… From the customers point of view, either way I see that news I still think it doesn’t change anything for Martin guitars owners whether their authentic or counterfeited. Ok ! In the future it will be possible to certify that a Martin guitar bought on ebay or trade tang is a real Martin (I doubt it if you buy it from trade tang) !! But the problem is that there is no possible way that they authentification could be made prior to the purchase. That is true unless the authentification services of Martin/Applied DNA Sciences provide certificates of authenticity! And obviously, there is the snag… A DNA fingerprint is virtually impossible to counterfeit… I can’t say the same for a certificate of authenticity! Unless they would do it with a DNA tagged ink!

Anyway, I think it is a great mean for Martin to fight against counterfeited Martin guitars but it doesn’t bring more guarantee for the customers! Unless that technology used by Martin achieve to eradicate counterfeit!

Ok I’m just trying to find the flaw here but I still think it’s a good idea from  C.F. Martin & Co…

Source : martinguitar.com

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