Build Your Pedalboard With Pedalboard Planner.

Caution: To all pedalboards geeks, you might spend way too much time on the website I am going to tell you about: Pedalboard Planner!

As I am mainly a home-studio player (I have to change this somehow) I prefer multi-effects modelling units, and I rarely play with individual effects pedals though I love this. But the effects pedals geeks know that setting a consistent pedalboard is just like a complex puzzle! Which structure? Which size? Which pedals? How to chain them? And so many other questions for so many answers!


Pedaltrain builds 5 models of classy looking aluminium pedalboards as a solution for the very first question of the structure to use. However, I didn’t wrote this post to tell you about the product itself (which seems awesome by the way) but to tell you about one of the ways that they found to promote their products. Pedalboard planner is a website launched by Pedaltrain and that helps you to plan your future pedalboard

The concept is quite simple, and that’s the beauty of it:

  • You pick one of the 5 pedaltrain pedalboards available.
  • You pick the pedals you want to implement on your pedalboard.
  • You can download the resulting picture on your computer.

I think that Pedaltrain found a nice and funny way to promote their pedalboards, and I think that it’s a nice way for users to set our effects pedals wish-list. Well ok, after using this tool for hours you will regret the fact that you don’t have a pedaltrain pedalboard!!

How do you want me to chill and fight my chronic GAS affliction with websites like these??


If you want to check this further:

Spotted via Iheartguitar on Twitter.

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