Brice Delage Demoing the Gperc Percussion Guitar

I was procrastinating on Facebook when I saw this in my newsfeed… My friend and guitar teacher, Brice Delage demoing the Gperc percussion guitar !

Maybe you remember that back in June 2012 I’ve blogged about the Gperc.  The Gperc is a percussion instrument that is designed to be attached to a guitar. It’s a cool invention that is made to open new horizons for electric guitar players… The same horizons that many acoustic guitar players were already exploring for a while now.

This is just a prototype yet but it is awesome to hear Brice playing it. Ok… Brice style of playing is basically very percussive but I think there is no reason for the average guitarist to not be able to play some cool stuff with the Gperc.


Well well… This video reminds that it’s about time for me to have another lesson with Brice… I still a lot to learn in order to be at least an average guitarist ! Maybe then, I’ll be able to put a Gperc at good use.

More info about the Gperc (site is in French though).

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