Boss Virtual Pedal Board 2 : Listen to the Boss!

The Boss Virtual Pedalboard 2 interface does what the Pedalboard Planner website don’t do yet: it makes you hear the effect pedals in a virtual pedalboard. Obviously I guess that was an impossible task for the guys behind the Pedalboard Planner site! Anyway, I quickly checked the Boss VP2 website, and it’s definitely cool despite some limits.

All you have to do is selecting a style among the 9 styles available, and the VP2 interface displays a 4 Boss pedals set up. You can then get an alternate set up by changing the first pedal in the chain while the 3 remaining are fixed. You can listen to a lead or rhythm guitar sample. In the first place the sample is only played with the first pedal on. Then you can add the 3 others to the chain, and hear the differences on the same guitar lick.

It is not bad at all despite some limits, and some lacking informations. The Boss VP2 gives a good idea of the Boss pedals tones even though:

  • You can’t change the pedals settings. As a matter of fact you don’t have any information about the settings.
  • You can just change one pedal of the virtual pedalboard to get an alternate set up. So you can’t test all the combinations you want.
  • You don’t have any information on the guitars used to record the samples nor on which amps or interface it is recorded.

Despite these limits it is still a cool online tool. Obviously I don’t think that’s necessary for Boss as you can find their pedals in almost every guitar shop! But this could be an example to follow for many pedals makers that are not widely distributed in guitar shops. Unless I’m late on this one, and they already have their own interface!

Here is a view of the Boss Virtual Pedal Board 2 with Funk set up.

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  1. Très bon en config funk.
    Je vais sortir le phase shifter du pod HD je crois 🙂

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