Biyang Bang on Akai Effects?

I first saw the news at What’s That Dude Play, and I thought: “Hey! How cool is this? A new player in the guitar effects field!”. And what a player! Indeed, I thought that Akai has a great background in terms of music gear to bring something interesting, and unique into the guitar wolrd. And the press release that you can read at Guitar Noize was promising!

But, as you can check it for yourself, Blake from WTDP edited his post to indicate that it took only a couple of hours for his readers to point out the similarities between Akaï effects pedals, and pedals build by the Chines firm Biyang.

It’s not a big deal I guess. The product itself is an industrial low cost product.  There is a market for such a product so why not selling these? After all, product rebranding is a common practice!

At least, I could make the effort to understand it when it comes from a young brand trying to go in the market. Yet I barely understand how they could seriously address the market without any valuable product, a strong identity, and original products. And let’s not start with the question of a sustainable activity in this market.

But when it comes from a brand with such a strong background in the music gear business as Akai… This is just weird!

Do you know product rebranding cases from other big brands? I’m obviously not including the brand that your favorite guitar shop sells as entry instruments. I’m certain that Akaï is not the only one to do that… If the story is true of course!

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