[Review] Zitto Model 44th by Zitto Design

Zitto Model 44th par Zitto Design

What? A guitar without a single piece of wood? I can hear a lot of you screaming… Yet I think this Zitto Model 44th by Zitto Design (made in France by Daniel Zanca) is worth a closer look for its aesthetic, its ergonomy, and obviously its tonal characteristics.

One mistake you shouldn’t make is to think that it is just a Telecaster because of its shape or the Lollar ’52 T-Style pickups! The Zitto’s body is made of acrylic resin with a Moses graphite neck, and a metallic nut.

First contact:

  • The acrylic resin of the 44th body is a bit cold but this doesn’t last beyond one minute of playing!
  • The ergonomics is unusual, and this might disturb some people though I got used to it very fast.
  • The unplugged sound of this hollow body guitar is louder than a solidbody but the tone is more midrange and more compressed than the tone of an ES-like guitar.
  • Despite its hollow body, the 44th still weights about the same as a Telecaster.

What I did like about the Zitto 44th :

  • The tone is bassy but it still preserves the characteristic tone of single coil pickups.
  • You’ll get the same amount of volume from any position of the pickup selector switch.
  • Clean tone on the neck pickup: bassy but very aerial.
  • The sustain is long, and homogeneous.
  • Playability of the neck, and comfort are great.

What I didn’t like about the Zitto 44th :

  • This is probably because it is a prototype but bending the E, and B strings generates some noises at the nut.
  • The tone could have been warmer if the guitar nut, and bridge saddles were made of graphite.
  • Personal tastes: the bridge pickup is a little bit too twangy.

The Zitto 44th is a very versatile guitar that will suit most guitarists needs as long as they are not looking for extreme heavy tones.

In case you wonder why it is named 44th model… It is pretty simple! The prototype was born the same day of the 44th U.S. President’s election. That’s the story behind the name… I love stories! The Zitto Design Model 44th will retail at 3500€ – The website is still under construction.

This is the first review I’ve made for the French Guitar Live Magazine… I used my Hugues & Kettner Edition Silver amp for the video that you can watch on Guitare Live… To hear the sound of the guitar I start playing it around 0’46” in the video. As soon as I’ll have the possibility to embed the video here I’ll do it…

Zitto Model 44th par Zitto Design

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  1. Elle est vraiment très originale au niveau conception avec ses mécaniques venues d’ailleurs et son dos incroyable mais bon le son ne me renverse pas du tout c’est très passe partout on a du mal a y entendre une note personelle :o(

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