[Review] Yamaha SG 1820 A

Here is the translation of the Review of the Yamaha SG 1820 A that I’ve made for Guitariste.com. As usual you can watch the video on the Guitariste.com portal.

The Yamaha SG 1820A model is probably the most modern among the three new Yamaha SG guitars of the 1800 series. It is clearly designed to seduce the heavy musics lovers.

The Yamaha SG 1820A is well built with great quality of the materials.

  • Mahogany body with maple top
  • Mahogany set-in neck with rosewood fingerboard
  • Grover locking tuners
  • Tone Pro bridge-stop bar

The hardware are chromed so that’s a good aesthetic point from Yamaha. The silverburst finish of the SG 1820A is meticulous, and is actually very simple as opposed to shiny or bling. This finish plus the EMG 81 and EMG 85 pickups clearly make it a good choice for the guitar players who dig heavy musics.

However, if you are an adept of modern guitars, you should try it first because it is far from the à la Ibanez standards for example. The ergonomy of the SG 1820A is closer to a Les Paul. The SG 1820A weighs about 4,5 kilos. The neck is comparable to a Les Paul neck though it is slimmer . It doesn’t have a modern slim profile.

As for the sound, I am clearly not an EMG pickups guy though I don’t dislike playing with active pickups. On the clean channel of the amp, I couldn’t easily get a real clean tone . Once on the drive channel of the amp, that’s when this guitar starts the serious talking. The SG 1820A is clearly made for saturation. It likes gain a lot. In drop D you can get some heavy riffing. But you still can get some sweet less saturated tones for classic rock things. All you will have to do is turn down the gain a bit.

The Yamaha SG 1820A is a modern type guitar though its lutherie, and ergonomy are closer to the vintage standards. That’s why I think this is not just a heavy metal guitar, and it should be considered for many other styles. Well at least if you have the budget to afford it… The price of  this quality guitar is 3618 € !! Gulps !!

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