[Review] Egnater Rebel 20

Last year at the Musikmesse, I quickly tried some Bruce Egnater’s amps, and I knew from there that these amps had a great value for the money. Actually I think they are among the best deals for this kind of amps. You won’t be surprised if I tell you that after reviewing the Egnater Rebel 20 for the French website Guitar Live, I didn’t change my mind. It’s definitely a great amplifier.

I won’t list all the specifications in detail because you can find them on Egnater’s website (link at the bottom of the article) but the Rebel 20 has some characteristics that make it huge in terms of versatility.

It is built around 2 pairs of power tubes (6V6 & EL84), but the Rebel 20 can be used with one or the other type of tubes. And thanks to the Tube Mix control you can blend both types of tubes. This feature allows you to move from a medium tone (full 6V6) to a tone with much more body i.e. more bassy (full EL84), and all the blended tones in between.

The Bright and Tight switches allows you to fine tune your EQ settings. They respectively act like a treble booster, and a low cut… more or less. Notice that the Rebel 20 can be used in almost every kind of playing environment i.e. from the bedroom to the stage thanks to its scalable power attenuator. It allows the Rebel 20 to work from 1 to 20 watts.

What I do like about the Egnater Rebel 20 :

  • Compared to similar amplifiers, the tone of the Rebel 20 has more body, more bass. As I like this kind of fat tones I am not complaining at all.
  • The different voicings allows you to play almost every kind of genres.
  • 1-Channel amplifier so it is very simple to use.

What I don’t like about the Egnater Rebel 20 :

  • I enjoyed the Bright switch on clean tones but I can’t say that the Tight control has changed my life. Actually, I think it didn’t make any significant difference… But you know, when it comes to tone we all have different ears!

As this is a review for the Guitar Live website, you can check my video of the Egnater Rebel 20 on Guitare Live. The guitar playing starts around the 1 minute mark.  For this video I used 2 guitars: a Deceiver HSS Stratocaster, and an Edwards Les Paul. The Rebel 20 head was plugged on a Rebel 112x cabinet. Rebel Rebel…

For more information about the specs: egnater.com

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