[Review] Dr. Z MAZ 18 Junior

Here is a review of the  Dr. Z Maz 18 Junior amplifier that I’ve made a while ago for Guitare Live. I went to the showroom of Guitars Rebellion in Paris… The review is finally available on the free portal of Guitariste.com. You can watch the video there (the amp samples start at the 55th second of the video).

Here are the most interesting points of this 18 Watts tubes amplifier…

The  Dr Z Maz 18 Junior is made to deliver vintage type of tones. It has really great clean and crunchy tones. To make it crunch, all you have to do is to crank up the volume. And if you want to stay in a reasonable volume amount you just have to play with the master knob. That way it will still be useable in a home studio environment for exemple.

To reach higher gain levels, the Dr Z Maz 18 Junior requires a good overdrive or distortion pedal. This amp likes the effects…

As more, and more high end amplifiers, it has an additional tone shaper on top of the 3 bands equalizer (bass, mid, treble). This tone shaper control is called Cut, and it acts more or less like the tone control of a guitar. The Cut control is pretty efficient to shape the tone on top of an EQ setting.

The Dr. Z MAZ 18 Junior has a very bright tone per se, and I really needed that Cut control, and the Reverb of the amp in order to get the tones I wanted to hear? And with additional pedals, it was a real cool amp to play.

The combo version of the Dr. Z Maz 18 Junior costs 1999€ ($2099). It is suitable for gigging guitarists as it should be perfect to play in small clubs. Notice that you can order a customized version of the amp.

For more details about the specs of Dr. Z Maz 18 Junior please check Dr. Z Amps website.

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