Antares ATG-6 : Auto-Tune for Guitar !

I knew that day would come, and I feared that day… Here is Antares ATG-6, the auto-tune will be soon available for guitar! It was obvious that Antares had the possibility, and the skills to transpose the principle of the auto-tune for our favorite instrument ! Yet I’m a little dubious…

I love technology, and innovation but in that case I feel like they invented that just because they can… That’s a well known syndrome. There are some interesting features anyway such as the transposition ou alternate tunings. But the very fact that you want to correct the pitch of the notes in order to be in tune whatever happens, isn’t that a  way to kill a good part of the expressiveness? Why a bend should be exactly a 1/2 or 1 tone?

Well, I guess it’s a cool news for the Black Eyed Peas… Now they will be able to put some guitar in their music, it won’t sound that different from their vocals !!

So, what do you think about the auto-tune for guitar?


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