Aria World Cup Guitar – Guitar of The Month?

I’m not the biggest football fan… Actually I’m not even a fan at all except that as far as I can remember I’ve always enjoyed watching some soccer games of the FIFA World Cup. After all you don’t get to see pacific world wars everyday (at least when the players keep it fair, and do not use their heads on something else than a ball!).

So, as the competition starts today, here is the guitar of the month made by Aria for the FIFA World Cup 2010 that I stumbled upon at Frankfurt Musikmesse. Notice how the shape of the headstock is clearly designed as a soccer shoe. Obviously, this is not the most ergonomic guitar because of that body shape. Well maybe it is designed to be played with your feet which would be rather consistent with the football game rules. Enfin.

Football fans, make you sure to have a lot of fun with the upcoming games… And let’s hope that South Africa will benefit from this event at the economic and social levels.

You can check the albums on the Muzicosphere facebook page to see more photos of the Musikmesse 2010.

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