Stone Guitar Picks from StoneWorks Picks : What’s Left Now?

What materials are now left to make guitar picks in order to always get more tone variations from guitars? I’m asking because I might try to build picks one day or another…

Anyway, the StoneWorks Picks made of stone looks cool! Below you will find a video of the Tone King presenting some of these on Youtube! StoneWorks picks are quite beautiful though some models are a bit expensive but I guess this is the price for handmade shaping. Too bad the Tone King didn’t upload a video showing the picks with an acoustic guitar or clean tones but hey, he is the Tone King! That’s how he plays!

In the history section of StoneWorks Picks, Mike Stone (that’s his real name) relates the story of his buddy who lost a fingertip, and then had troubles to hold standard guitar picks. And that’s how he created his first stone guitar pick. Interestingly enough, the story behind StoneWorks Picks is pretty similar to the story behind the Niglo Picks that I told you about several months ago.

Anyway, if you want to see more of this very nice polished stone guitar picks, you will find them on StoneWorks Picks… And for the video of The Tone King, it is right below…


Seriously… Do you see any other type of material that could be used for guitar picks? I once tried to make guitar picks out of banana skin but they were sliding too much, and played way too fast!!

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