Smartphone Apps & Guitar: Do iReally Need Them?

I know some will think that I’m just jealous because I don’t even have a smartphone… Some will even think that I’m an old fashion kinda dude… Let me tell you that you are totally wrong! Fact is: I want to have a smartphone but can’t afford one yet, and as a former scientist I am totally fond of technology, and innovation. Yet, iGuitar (cr)Apps and that kind of stuff are really annoying the hell out of me!

I’m not talking about applications such as chord charts & tabs readers, etc… Mostly because I think these tools fit naturally in the use of a smartphone. No! I’m thinking about these applications made to plug the guitar into the phone to jam along or record your guitar on the device! Do we really need to plug a guitar into an iPhone or whatever phone it is? And even if people really want that to be,  I’ll never understand how  could they possibly blame app developpers, and hardware builers for the crappy sound they sometimes get from the phone? Believe you me, I’ve read this kind of complaints many times on websites, and forums around the web. That’s a freaking telephone for crying out loud!! Not a damn tube amp nor an actual effects pedal!

That’s a plain phone with some fancy features! It may be able to locate you around the globe… It may allow you to update your status on many web services, and social media… It may allow you to read some news… It even allows you to organize your life just like an agenda can do! But in any case it is or it will be an amplifier! How can they spend so much time to get their perfect tone with valve amps, boutique pedals, high end guitars, and then want the same thing from a free phone application or a 30 bucks wire?

You want to practice when travelling or at the park? Do it unplugged or get yourself a cheap acoustic guitar… It is funnier! iGuitar Apps can’t get the best from your guitar no matter how hard the effort developpers put in the conception.  Ok… It is fancy, and hype to have the Amplitube iRig or the PRS Amp iPhone with its Guitarbud (I even wrote about this one several months ago just to tell you that I am intrigued) but in the end… Do we really need that kind of stuff to make music?

Picture from Today Tech News.

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