Anti-Shred Video – Marathon ES Guitar & Line 6 Pod Farm 2

pod-farm2-carlton-toneI totally forgot to publish this video though it is online for almost 2 weeks now! I know it is not the video that will make you jump but still I’d appreciate some feedbacks on it.  I’ve shot this video as an entry to the anti-shred competition held by Jon from Guitar Noize… all he wanted was to see some melodic skills rather than shredding skills.  An anti-shred competition? Of course I wanna enter this one… I can totally anti-shred the hell out of this backing track. By the way the competition is still up until June 03 so come on everybody… Show us your melodic lines on this nice backing track…  Plus there is an MXR Micro-Flanger pedal to win, it can’t be bad to enter?

I am posting the video here also because it shows how you can get some nice clean / crunchy tones from a very cheap guitar with the Line 6 Pod Farm 2. I used a preset that is supposed to emulate the tone of the fantastic  Larry Carlton. It is basically a Solo 100 Head simulation (based on the Soldano SLO 100) into a 2×12 cabinet withe a reverb, and a noise gate.


As you can hear, and see this is a fairly simple improvisation I’ve made… I think it was the second take. There is nothing tricky in it, and I slightly overused the octaves. I did so because  I like how octaves sound. But I also often use octaves while improvising because I used them as a landmark to settle, and see where I am in the middle of the improvisation landscape. It is quite helpful whether you know you’re going to get lost, or to break repetitive patterns.  As I tend to play octaves without thinking, I can imagine where I want to take the improvisation… The funniest thing being that octaves already make evolve the solo to take it somewhere else…

The guitar I have used is a cheap Asian copy of an ES-335 branded as Marathon which was probably made in the late 80s, early 90s. It is far from being the most wonderful or the most comfortable guitar. Yet I love it. Its pickups where changed for a set of  handmade pickups by Etienne Lauzon a craftsman from Quebec (Canada) who makes very good pickups for an affordable price.

Have a nice week-end…

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