Anatomy of a Pedal Steel Guitar

I was hanging around the web dedicated to my favorite musical instrument (the guitar) when I found this cool and instructive video about how pedal steel guitars are made (on Josh’s I am more of a lapsteel kind of guy rather than a pedal steel one… But, the instrument itself is fascinating although it is very hard to play!! Imagine!! Not only you have to synchronize your hands but also your feet to affect the tuning via the sets of pedals. But if mastering the pedal steel to get sweet and clean sounds is hard, it is even harder to build it. Check this out…


As you can hear it in the video, the tone of this instrument is rich and very sweet… It feels like someone is caressing my ears. And if you’re not really into Country music and Western Swing genres, it is still possible to hear to this wonderful instrument in other contexts. Just watch the videos in the video playlist below with the funky music of Robert Randolph, Jim Cohen’s pedal steel jazz.

Picture by cinetech via Flickr


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