An i-Tab to Never Lose the Score Anymore

You’ve already went to a gig of the band next-door, I mean semi-pros or not-pros at all who play for fun at the local club after a whole week of harassing day job!! How many times did you see the guitarist/singer having the lyrics and chords on a stand right in front of him in case of a blank in his mind? Maybe the last days of the traditional music stand are coming with the newcomer i-Tab (at least for modern music bands). Joking aside, this i-Tab could be quite useful as a learning device as you won’t have to stick in front of your computer to check the tabs, and you won’t have to print them anymore (which will make you a hero for the rainforest and for the whole damn planet).

i-Tab CaseThe i-Tab is a touchscreen teleprompter that displays lyrics and chords changes in time. It is made to be fixed on the headstock of the guitar, and you will just have to use the touchscreen to select the song to display and the tempo, and let’s roll! If you visit the i-Tab website you will see all the features of the 3 different versions 5” Lite, 7” Pro and 10”2 Max. Actually the difference is that the Lite version only displays chord tabs, while the other ones can display full tabs, and full tabs/full scores. It has the potential of a media player, and there will be a tab store to download tabs and lessons. The website doesn’t seem to be fully functional yet but here is a youtube video presentation of the thing (no demo however). I don’t know if they are considering making it an open plateform but this could be a hell of an idea.


It is funny to see that the machine features wi-fi, 3-G and bluetooth connector… It is a touchscreen tablet,… Wait!! Wait!! Sounds like an i-Pad to me!! Would it be as controversial is the Apple latest product?? Hmmm… We’ll see! The Lite version is announced to retail for €149 but I didn’t found much information about when it will be available.

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  1. Pas mal, mais il faudra quand même de bons yeux pour voir l’écran en accrochant ça à la tête de la guitare, non ?

  2. Avec l’écran 5” il y a de bonne chance que ce soit un peu harsh ouaip… La version 10″ sera peut-être plus confortable?

  3. Je seconde Vleb moi avec ma vue pas moyen :o(

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