An Electric Sitar To Play The Blues?

I was preparing an article about the electric sitar which is a hybrid guitar with elements from the sitar first introduced by Danelectro as far as I know (Coral Sitar), and  I came across the following video. I never thought that Buddy Guy once dropped the Fender Stratocaster to grab an electric sitar. Frankly I think it sounds great to play the blues. It is hard to guess which particular model  this one is… That could be a Jerry Jones electric sitar! I engage the investigation mode, and I let you with good ol’ Buddy Guy…

Buddy Guy – Skin Deep on the Late Show with David Letterman… Surprising and enjoyable!



And to prove that Doc Loco is totally right with his comment… Here is a video of Rory Gallagher playing Philby on a Coral Sitar (Texas – 1985)



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