An Ebony Revolution : Bob Taylor Takes Charge of the Future of Ebony !

I have only one thing to say : Well done Bob Taylor for this good sens decision ! To make it short here is what Taylor Guitars found, Bob Taylor is saying in the video below.

Not only Taylor makes guitars, he also owns a company that exploits 75% of the ebony from Cameroon (last country where it is legal to export ebony). This company supplies Taylor Guitars factories but also the entire musical instruments makers community worldwide.

While spending time in Cameroon to watch the business, an issue popped up… Mainly for aesthetic reasons, only black ebony wood is used to make instruments. Other colored variants are not used.

The problem ? To find one tree that wood is black, they have to cut down 10 trees ! Ten trees !! Even worst… As those 9 extra trees are not saleable because they have no value for the ebony buyers , then they are left there in the forest !! You read well… They are cut down for nothing !!

So here is Bob Taylor’s decision… As he has a major position in the ebony distribution circuit for music instruments maker, then he decided to impose the idea of using all ebony woods variants. This means black ebony and the other colored variants!  The main consequence is that from now on instead of cutting down 10 trees to use one, they will just have to cut down one tree !!

That’s a nice example of responsible and sustainable management… Bravo Bob Taylor for this decision! For more information, you can read the article Sustainable Ebony on Taylor Guitars website.


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