An Ampl-iPhone with Guitarbud & PRS Jam Amp

As I am on geeky stuff and gear week, here is another iPhone/iPod Touch related gear presented by PRS at NAMM 2010… Yes the famous Paul Reed Smith as in PRS guitars. The  Guitarbud is basically a connector to plug the guitar into an iPhone. And what would you do this? Because with the PRS Jam Amp application, you can turn your phone into a tiny amplifier. The application allows you to play guitar on your iPhone, add effects and to play backing tracks to jam along.

PRS Jam Amp Application

I know it’s less impressive than the Akai iPK25 synth station, especially when you consider that for a nomad use you’ll still be limited by the size of the guitar. However it is unbelievable to see how the iPhone has become a gizmo/game changer in such a short timespan. It also became a real consumer trap but that’s another matter of interest that I’m not going to address here. The Guitarbud will cost $30 and the Jam Amp is available for $9.99.

While I am writing this post I wonder if there is an iPhone Kaoss Pad application available? It would be a great application to create considering the fact that you won’t have to worry about the touch screen feature. This also would probably be the most annoying application though, at least for your neighbor in your daily commute transportation.

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