Fender Pawn Shop Greta Amp [NAMM 2012]

I was about to rant and rave at Fender’s 2012 NAMM news arguing that adding a flamed maple top to a Strat doesn’t make it a new Stratocaster model, no matter how sexy it looks. And then I saw this at Harmony Central…

Damn this Pawn Shop Greta Amp looks hot… Can’t wait to hear it! 2-Watts tube table top amplifier… That’s rather unusual, and attractive. For some reason, it kinda reminds me of the legendary Pignose amp though both amps are totally different… Maybe that’s just that vintage touch on it. They are also releasing two other intriguing amps : The Excelsior and the Machete Amp (I dig the name but couldn’t find any information about it yet)

On the guitar side I also hope I’ll hear the Telecaster Baritone. Yeah, I like the baritone guitar sound since I’ve had the James Tyler Variax, and I’ve been fooling around on the baritone tuning preset. Most other models to be released are variations around the Strat or the Jaguar with different mixed pickups combinations. Could be interesting anyway…

The upcoming 2012 NAMM show could be very interesting actually…

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