Amos Lee’s View on Songwriting

I often like to think that I have good music tastes… Who wouldn’t?? And if I need some good and nice music to end a very busy week or whatever, I always look for something quiet. And what could be better than some acoustic soul music. Amos Lee‘s albums are among the albums that are always close to hi-fi… A nice voice, nice songs and quiet atmospheres…

Every time I find such a musician, I always try to know more about his point of view on songwriting, which is kinda cool with Amos Lee cause he talks about it…


To hear that he never took vocal lessons is kinda comforting… Or not!! Anyway I really enjoyed the way he sees his songs and how he tries to make them consistent by get them done in the same period of time… Just like taking a picture of a precise moment.

Well, let’s listen to this video juke-box containing some of his songs…

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