Akai iPK25 iPhone Synth Station

There are plenty of music iPhone apps, but who would believe that an iPhone could become the central part of a nomad musical instrument? That’s the cool stuff brought by Akai at Winter NAMM 2010: Akai iPK25.

The idea is brilliant as the iPK25 is a stand-alone midi controller where you can pop your iPhone loaded with the dedicated application. Then you’ll be able to play this synth station in any situation. Isn’t that cool for those who move around a lot? However, I don’t think it will be cool for those who receive a lot of phone calls!


Now Akai, let me blame you a little!! Why… Why the hell did you wait until I finally had my very first MIDI keyboard controller to release such awesome gear?? Huh? Why? Well, lucky I don’t have an iPhone though, otherwise I think I would just cry!!

The Akai iPK25 will be available later this year for 99$ plus a free download of the application. The application alone will cost 10$ on iTunes. Notice that apparently it will be compatible with the iPod Touch too.

All of this makes me think that there are a lot of ideas to dig with this iPhone apps and musical instruments thing… I’m gonna brainstorm a little about this stuff!

For more information about the Akai iPK25: akaipro.com

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