Help Send I Heart Guitar to 2012 NAMM

Peter from I Heart Guitar wants to attend the 2012 NAMM but due to expensive fly rates from Australia to California he might not be able to go.

You might wonder why am I writing about this, and why you should help… Well here are a few reasons !

Hope this will help a little…

  • If you are a guitar player, and help him to finance his NAMM trip you can get lessons from Peter (either on pdf or a 1-hour lesson on skype). He is a good guitarist, and he has experience as a guitar teacher.
  • If you are a company, that’s one occasion to get ad spots on I Heart Guitar (check his traffic numbers). I’m sure his readers will love you enough to pay attention to your company if you sponsor their favorite guitar blogger.
  • Over the last 2 years or so I had many interactions on many occasions with Peter either on twitter or by email, and he is a cool guy.
  • I dig his blog, and his sense of humor (Peter, I really think you should write even more comedy stuff… guitar related of course!)
  • I like to read his NAMM coverage… Well no mystery there… Peter is a professional journalist so he got the skills!

Peter, be sure that if I wasn’t so tight on budget myself, I’ll sure try to do more to support you. This blog post is the least I can do to help, and I hope it will help a little: Help send I Heart Guitar to 2012 NAMM here.

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