Addstring : Innovative & Easy Acoustic Guitar Mod !

I love the sound of 12-strings acoustic guitars ! However, I always thought that the doubled G string is responsible for the most part of the 12-strings distinctive sound, and character. At least, that’s what I like about the 12-strings sound.  I recently had a “confirmation” of this guess when I tried the 8-stings baritone guitar from Taylor.

So, I figured out that I don’t need a 12-strings guitar but a 7-strings guitar with a doubled G string. Tell me about something rare !!

And then I heard about a brand new acoustic guitar gizmo : The Addstring !! The name says it all. The addstring is an easy to install system that lets you add an extra G-string that is tuned one octave higher to an acoustic steel-string guitar!

Best part, the Addstring system comes with a part that fits in the sound hole to easily turn the extra string off while playing. You can also use the addstring to double any of the 6 strings of the guitar.

That’s the gizmo I need, though I won’t install it on my current acoustic guitar which is too crappy to be called a guitar!

So if you’re looking to expand the tone of your 6-strings acoustic guitar, I guess that’s the gizmo to look at. Check for more information.

Check this demo by my friends Jacques Carbonneaux & Geoffroy Lebon shot at the 2012 Musikmesse


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