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Muzicosphere was born on February 2009… What started as personal blog about guitar is now aiming to become a media about guitar culture & lifestyle. It remains under the form of a blog though because we love that format.

Muzicosphere exists in an English version, and a French version that are independent from each other since February 2012 (French version of Muzicosphere).

You can follow Muzicosphere’s publications, and digressions on the Facebook page (facebook.com/muzicosphere) or on Twitter (@muzicosphere).

The Muzicosphere blog is edited by Ectodus.

The Author : Sem

Digression could be my middle name. I am a former biologist, a guitar player, and I also play lapsteel, a little bit of harmonica, a little bit of bass, I do some computer music and I’m a wannabe songwriter…

I guess I could be called a web 2.0 guitar columnist or chronicler. I spend a lot of time dissecting the communication, and marketing strategies at work on the social web by the guitar industry actors (shops, brands, builders, luthiers, magazines, and even artists). I like to observe the story-telling behind these, and how brands are developing. That lead me to set several kind of services through my company Ectodus (I’m sorry the Ectodus website is only in French for now but I’ll be glad to pitch you via email at muzicosphere@gmail.com).

I guess I could also be called a trend hunter, and when I spot a trend of interest for the guitarists I sometimes launch a project around it (the French gear giveaways website G.A.S. a GoGo for example). Sometimes the only interest is to satisfy my penchant for guitars, LOL, and offbeat humour (Guitar Fail website) !

Since Novembre 2010, I collaborate with the French online magazine Guitare Live as an editor, and guitars & amps reviewer (video reviews). Funnily enough it’s almost like travelling back to 1997 when I was a science journalist for a local radio in Paris (France). I also sporadically contribute to the online version of the American magazine Guitar World.

I write on Muzicosphere under my diminutive name Sem. Considering the fact that my actual name is Sémi, I’ve never understood why I have a diminutive name? You can also find my on several internet forums under the Sarssipius pseudonym that I am using since the late 1990s, and also on twitter (@sarssipius for the not guitar related things)

Sémi Souames

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